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We are two artists providing support for each other’s creativity in the Berkshires

Susan and Bernd Handau

Susan, an artist with a BA in Art History, explores nature and aging through various mediums. Starting with watercolors, she layered textures by collaging and cutting her abstract paintings. Transitioning, she experimented with assemblage, creating three-dimensional pieces. She uses acrylics, inks, and plaster to depict nature abstractly. Susan received grants from the Nevada Arts Council and the National Endowment for the Arts, exhibiting her series "My Tribe: In Our Aging World" in 2023. Her work has been showcased internationally, including at the Reno Tahoe International Art Show and the Beverly Hills Art Show, where she received recognition. Based in the Berkshires, she continues to explore nature and aging through art.

Bernd Handau, an engineer with a profound affinity for numbers and geometric shapes, finds inspiration in the universal presence of these forms. Fascinated by the "Golden Ratio," he intertwines mathematical precision with his technical skills to craft geometric pieces. Influenced by his German heritage, Bernd infuses his artwork with elements of ancient Teutonic ancestry, blending primitive tribalism with modern minimalism. His wooden pieces exude an ancient aura, while his vibrant abstracts evoke futuristic landscapes. Bernd has exhibited locally and online, notably at Nevada Fine Arts Gallery and the Reno Tahoe International Art Show. Represented by Saatchi Gallery, he now resides and creates in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts.

Ways to contact the artists:

Phone: 775-722-2732

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